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Message from the Chief
Message from the Chief

Message from the Chief



Chief Steve Courtoreille

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Welcome to the Mikisew Group of Companies website.  I am honoured to be serving as your Chief and am pleased to offer you this site to keep you informed of activities that are happening within our First Nation.  I believe that with this means of communication we the Chief and Council will be able to provide some transparency that I personally feel is important by keeping you informed as we strive towards making the necessary changes to keep our First Nation sustainable, and healthy. 
As a First Nation, we are faced with many challenges that will have to be addressed such as education, our business entities, our traditions and culture, our land and the environment, health, our social issues, etc.  We have to set aside our personal differences and work together to address these issues and develop a work plan that will give us direction to work towards a healthy sustainable future for our membership who are here now and yet to be born.
As the late NDP Leader Jack Layton said:
“Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”
I truly believe that if we follow those principals we can make a difference for today and for the future.  I extend my hand to you, the Mikisew family to be a part of making change happen in a positive and healthy way
The website will be updated regularly with event postings, employment opportunities and general information. Your input is important to us and I welcome you to contact the First Nation Office if you have any suggestions to enhance the website.
Steve Courtoreille



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