Mikisew Group
Pride of a Nation
Pride of a Nation

Pride of a Nation

Universally, the eagle is a symbol of power and strength. To the Mikisew Cree First Nation, its meaning is much deeper.

The eagle inspires our people to follow their true paths and reach their fullest potential. Through the Mikisew Group of Companies, we are doing just that.

Traditional values of community, respect and partnership, combined with innovation, corporate performance and pride of operation have become the modern pillars of Mikisew’s businesses.

International corporations and local entrepreneurs alike partner with us because we understand their needs and deliver consistent performance efficiently and effectively.

Deeply rooted principles that guide our corporations include accountability, respect, customer service, First Nation appreciation, leading edge management and long-term vision planning.

Mikisew’s companies are stepping stones toward a brighter, more prosperous future for our career minded youth.

Our shareholders’ interests are considered in everything the Mikisew Group of Companies does. The Mikisew difference is that our shareholders are our community.

From essential services to training and employment opportunities, our companies never stop giving back to our community. But the most important thing we give transcends everything else: Pride.

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