Partnership, perfected

Mikisew Group strives to have a true, hands-on partnership with every one of our best-in-class partners. We integrate as much as possible with their interests, allowing us to build greater capacity, trust and expertise on both sides. When deciding who to partner with, we focus on profitability and capacity building, as well as our mandate to support the Mikisew Cree First Nation and the communities where we work.

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Jaz Seera

Director, Strategic Partnerships
Mikisew Group


For partnership opportunities, please contact Jaz Seera.


Mammoet is a multinational company that provides tailor-made heavy lifting and transport solutions. Through the M2 joint venture, both Mikisew Group and Mammoet Canada combine technical expertise, extensive industry contacts, specialized equipment and greater local Indigenous employment. We’re committed to providing a dedicated and professional workforce, and we excel at rapid response service. Through our enterprising spirit and continuous innovation, and our investment in education, training and career development, we will consistently be an ideal partner for oil sands development.



Our services include:

  • Heavy lifting and transport services
  • Pilot Truck service (supporting Mammoet wide loads)
  • Equipment rental and material management (lift products)
  • Factory to foundation/logistics
  • Plant turnaround and shutdown maintenance
  • Continuous outlook for new business
  • Site-wide construction services/modular construction
  • Relocation and decommissioning of installation