Impact through investment

Mikisew Group is dedicated to establishing genuine, engaged partnerships with each of our top-tier investment partners. Through our collaborative approach, we strive to align our goals as seamlessly as possible, fostering the development of mutual trust, expertise, and capacity. Our investments aim to secure profitable returns that support the success and growth of the Mikisew Cree First Nation. We are committed to promoting capacity building in the realm of private equity and infrastructure investments while upholding our mandate to support responsible and sustainable investment practices, positively impacting the communities where our investments are made.

JL Filtration

Investment in Alberta’s leading provider of filters and filtration systems


In February 2020, Mikisew Group acquired minority ownership of JL Filtration, Alberta’s leading provider of filtration equipment, rentals and field services.


In July 2023, Mikisew Group acquired majority interest in the business.


Founded in 1986, the company has several offices throughout Canada and a manufacturing facility in Nisku, Alberta. With the best, most comprehensive filtration solutions available, JL Filtration has a wealth of technical experience serving clients in numerous industries across North America.


The integration between Mikisew Group and JL Filtration presents a unique opportunity for a new and diverse market, one we are thrilled to be a part of. JL Filtration has both an experienced management group and superior service delivery.

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Patrick Matala

Director, Corporate Development


For investment opportunities, please contact Patrick Matala