Safe with us

Mikisew Group is uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors, clients and the public. We believe that all incidents are preventable and we work to ensure that all employees of Mikisew Group are aware of their role and responsibilities in the Health, Safety and Excellence (HSE) program.

Responsibility and accountability

Recognizing each employee’s commitment and contribution to Mikisew Group’s HSE program aids in the safe execution of our work. We hold a high regard in exercising responsible leadership in protecting, preserving and conserving the environment in all operations.

Zero loss environment

By integrating our HSE values and activities into each individual task, Mikisew Group strives to provide a peer-driven safety culture with the highest quality of work, in an incident-free workplace. All levels of our leadership are expected to model our safety culture and engage with the workforce in communicating and stewarding to Mikisew Group and client HSE program standards.

Performance recognition

Let our achievements speak for themselves.


1500 days hurt-free milestone achievement(Kearl Cranes)


Golden Bootie Award – Kearl Lake Site(Imperial Oil)


17 months injury-free milestone achievement (MFM Suncor Fort Hills)


14 months recordable-free milestone achievement (MML Suncor Base Plant)


Two years hurt-free
MFM Automotive Mechanic Team (Imperial Oil Kearl)


365 Daily Maintenance Award – Syncrude Site (Canadian Safety Achievement)


General Presidents’ Safety Excellence Award – Syncrude Site (Canadian Safety Achievement)


Suncor Presidental Excellence Award (nominee)


Budrow Tozer Most Improved Program Award (Canadian Safety Achievement)


1000 days hurt-free milestone achievement (Imperial Oil Kearl)

Our Clients

Mikisew Group has proudly worked alongside leaders in the oil sands industry for over 30 years. We are dedicated to our clients’ success and continuously evolve to meet changing industry needs. Here are just a few of the clients we work with: