Partnership, perfected

Mikisew Group strives to have a true, hands-on partnership with every one of our best-in-class partners. We integrate as much as possible with their interests, allowing us to build greater capacity, trust and expertise on both sides. When deciding who to partner with, we focus on profitability and capacity building, as well as our mandate to support the Mikisew Cree First Nation and the communities where we work.

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Jaz Seera

Director, Strategic Partnerships
Mikisew Group


For partnership opportunities, please contact Jaz Seera.

Mikisew North American

Specializing in heavy construction and mining, the Mikisew North American partnership promises to deliver our clients superior results from start to finish. Together we offer our clients the most equipped, highly skilled and engaged teams.


We pride ourselves on a strong safety culture that measures our success with client satisfaction. Our modern equipment fleet includes: 100t – 240T haul trucks, hydraulic shovels and excavators 35T to 500T size, as well as all related mining and construction support equipment.



Services include:

  • Constructability reviews
  • Budgetary cost estimates
  • Design-build construction
  • Project management
  • Contract mining (drill, blast, excavation and haulage)
  • Pre-stripping / pit pioneering
  • Overburden removal and stockpile
  • Muskeg removal and stockpile
  • Site preparation (drill, blast, excavate, fill, grade, piling)
  • Air strip construction (gravel, asphalt)
  • Site dewatering / perimeter ditching
  • Tailings and process pipelines
  • Haulage and access road construction
  • Tailings dam construction
  • Tailings densification
  • Mechanically stabilized (MSE) earth walls
  • Dyke construction
  • Reclamation