Partnership, perfected

Mikisew Group strives to have a true, hands-on partnership with every one of our best-in-class partners. We integrate as much as possible with their interests, allowing us to build greater capacity, trust and expertise on both sides. When deciding who to partner with, we focus on profitability and capacity building, as well as our mandate to support the Mikisew Cree First Nation and the communities where we work.

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Jaz Seera

Director, Strategic Partnerships
Mikisew Group


For partnership opportunities, please contact Jaz Seera.

Mikisew Mistras

Our OneSource approach to asset protection includes much more than the advanced and traditional non-destructive testing (NDT) services expected from an oil and gas industry leader. We also have a wide range of integrated offerings including mechanical services, primarily utilizing rope access, engineering, and more. Our unique partnership combines innovative services, products, technologies, mechanical integrity (MI) expertise, NDT services, and proprietary data analysis software to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to our customers.


These integrated solutions support the full lifecycle of buried and above-ground pipelines, piping, storage tanks, vessels and other assets safely and efficiently while achieving high quality standards. We also employ a broad range of subject matter experts and continuously invest in innovative technologies and business processes that drive increased efficiency and yield tremendous value for our clients.



Our services include:

  • Field inspection and non-destructive examination (NDE)
  • Advanced NDE technologies
  • Visual inspection services
  • Mechanical services, primarily utilizing rope access techniques
  • Consulting: Engineering and asset integrity experts
  • Asset integrity data management through our PCMS platform
  • Online remote monitoring of assets and associated equipment