Impact through investment

Mikisew Group is dedicated to establishing genuine, engaged partnerships with each of our top-tier investment partners. Through our collaborative approach, we strive to align our goals as seamlessly as possible, fostering the development of mutual trust, expertise, and capacity. Our investments aim to secure profitable returns that support the success and growth of the Mikisew Cree First Nation. We are committed to promoting capacity building in the realm of private equity and infrastructure investments while upholding our mandate to support responsible and sustainable investment practices, positively impacting the communities where our investments are made.


Building capacity through a groundbreaking partnership


In 2017, the Mikisew Cree and Fort McKay First Nations joined forces to buy 49% of Suncor’s East Tank Farm development, resulting in the largest and most significant business transaction in Aboriginal history. Mikisew Group effectively has 15% interest in the midstream asset.



Handling production from Suncor’s Fort Hills oil sands mining project, the East Tank Farm includes bitumen storage, blending and cooling facilities, and connectivity to third-party pipelines.



Economic benefits from this partnership will enhance infrastructure development, social programs, education and training in all Mikisew Cree First Nation communities for generations to come.

Patrick Matala

Director, Corporate Development


For investment opportunities, please contact Patrick Matala