Partnership, perfected

Mikisew Group strives to have a true, hands-on partnership with every one of our best-in-class partners. We integrate as much as possible with their interests, allowing us to build greater capacity, trust and expertise on both sides. When deciding who to partner with, we focus on profitability and capacity building, as well as our mandate to support the Mikisew Cree First Nation and the communities where we work.

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Gord Jonah

Director, Strategic Partnerships
Mikisew Group


For partnership opportunities, please contact Jaz Seera.

As a certified union company and a major participant in the resource development sector for the oil and gas, mining, and forestry industries, MML provides a full range of maintenance related services.



Our services cater primarily to the needs of large-scale industrial clients and provide the following support:

  • Manpower supply
  • Project management
  • Material handling and management
  • Environmental services, safety and WHMIS services
  • Pest control and bird deterrent
  • Plant and mine site maintenance
  • Road and ground maintenance, pipelining and tailing pond maintenance



Much of our workforce has been with our company for more than a decade or longer, speaking to MML’s success as an employer. We hire talented people and never stop training and supporting career and skill development.